Hula Pledge & Member Code of Conduct

Hula is committed to fostering an ecosystem where all feel welcome; an open-minded space where we can grow and learn as individuals and as a community. We invite everyone who comes through our doors to play their part in fostering this ecosystem by agreeing to our pledge.


I pledge to treat every Member I encounter with dignity and respect — regardless of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or age. In turn, I will expect the same.

As a member of this community, I commit to providing a peaceful work environment that is free of discrimination and harassment of any kind.

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If you encounter or observe challenges within the Hula Community, please email Hula team member, Aba Grace at to share the details of your concerns.


Hula, LLC (“Hula”) is committed to ethical, fair, and honest business practices and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Hula expects that all of the member individuals, companies, and their agents and employees who work on the Hula campus located at 32-44-50 Lakeside Avenue (“Members”) will likewise meet this commitment while on Hula property.

Hula’s expectations for its Members are described below. Members who have questions about this Code of Conduct or Hula’s expectations are expected to speak directly with the Hula representative, Aba Grace at Failure to abide by these expectations may result in termination or non-renewal of the Member’s contract or relationship with Hula, and/or other legal recourse.  

General Business Practices

Members shall conduct their business interactions and activities in a manner consistent with their obligations under their specific agreement(s) with Hula.  Unless and to the extent explicitly stated within such agreement(s), Members shall conduct their activities as independent entities, and shall at no time hold themselves out as Hula entities or entities otherwise authorized to act on behalf of, or bind, Hula in any manner.

Appropriate Conduct

           Harassment & Sexual Harassment

           Hula is committed to providing a work environment free from harassment of any kind.  Harassment is behavior that is unwelcome and offensive to specific individuals or groups or that unreasonably disrupts their work.  Harassment can take many different forms and may include verbal or physical conduct that denigrates or shows hostility toward an individual and can reasonably be perceived as threatening, offensive, and/or insulting.  

Anyone who experiences or witnesses any form of potential harassment should immediately report the behavior to Hula’s representative, listed at the top of this document.

           Digital Communications/Social Media

           Absent prior written consent, Members are never authorized to speak on Hula’s behalf, nor should they represent or create the impression in any communications—including social media posts—that they are speaking on behalf of, or authorized to speak on behalf of, Hula.  

In addition members should not use email, social media and other communications channels owned or operated by Hula in a manner that would violate this Code of Conduct.  Hula reserves the right to moderate and remove any communications that it considers to be in violation of this policy, or otherwise inappropriate.   

           Drugs and Alcohol

           Members are prohibited from the use of illegal drugs, controlled substances and the misuse of legitimate drugs or alcohol in any form or manner, at any location, or time while on the Hula campus.

           Violence, Threats, and Weapons

           Hula believes in a safe and secure work environment that is free from violence and threats.  Threats, intimidation and acts of violence are not tolerated.  Members are prohibited from possessing firearms, explosives, or other weapons while working on the Hula campus.  This includes firearms carried inside an individual’s personal vehicle parked on Hula’s premises, and parking areas utilized by both Hula and the public, unless otherwise expressly permitted by state or local law.  

           Discrimination and Equal Opportunity

           Hula respects the rights and cultural differences of all individuals and encourages its Members to provide equal employment opportunities for all.  Specifically, Hula expects its Members to provide equal employment opportunities to qualified individuals without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, pregnancy status, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, medical condition, disability, veteran status, marital status, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by law.  At Hula, we seek to maintain a diverse working environment where all workers from different backgrounds feel welcome. 

           Occupational Safety and Health

           Members should comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding working conditions and do their part to provide workers with a safe and healthy environment while working on Hula property.  

           Environment and Quality

           Members should strive to operate their businesses in a way that promotes the values and principles of sustainability, such as limiting wastes, reducing emissions, identifying and quantifying areas of environmental & societal impacts, and ensuring that they are positive contributors to the communities in which they operate.

Monitoring & Enforcement

           It is the responsibility of each of Hula’s Members to ensure compliance with this Code and to inform their Hula representative if a situation develops that causes, or may potentially cause, the Member to operate in violation of this Code.  Violation of this Code will be deemed a violation of Hula’s “policies, rules, and regulations” for purposes of Member’s Coworking Agreement with Hula.  In addition to any other rights Hula may have under its Coworking Agreement with any Member, Hula may request the removal from Hula’s property any representative of the Member who behaves in a manner that is unlawful or inconsistent with this Code or any Hula policy, and/or require that Member to implement a corrective action plan.  If a corrective action plan is advised but not taken, or at any other time, Hula may elect to terminate its agreement with the Member.  

Member Acknowledgement

Member agrees that it has read and reviewed Hula’s Member Code of Conduct and agrees to comply with the standards referenced in the Code.  Member further acknowledges that the Code is a statement of policy only , does not constitute an employment contract, and does not create or establish an employment relationship, partnership, agency relationship or joint venture between Hula and the Member.